Allowing In Your Peace

We continuously make judgments and create thoughts. We continuously create goals in life. And many of us rarely stop to check whether these are worthy goals or whether these ideas would keep us spinning and chasing peace. Peace never arises from fear and chasing. We all know this. The true peace within us, which is never lost, arises when we release all the fear.

What if we stopped to give every thought, judgment, choice, goal, word, action over to God, The Universe, Source, Life? Like running each of these through a filter of love.

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The Truth Of Who You Are

I write this in hopes that it inspires others to also let down their guard and open their hearts to feel the depth of love, strength and safety from within. 

You have the Love and Strength of God within you. You are a child of God. You are God’s Son, God’s Daughter. You are created in His Likeness. You are empowerment, compassion, love, kindness, peace, happiness, joy. Underneath all the concepts we bought into about ourselves, lies these truths about the essence of your being. If you don’t yet feel this truth more regularly, surely you have felt this peace within you for even a moment in your life. Hopefully long enough to know it’s there and can be found at any moment you choose.


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You Are Here To Love Yourself

You are here to find your joy, to express it and to be joy. What gets in the way? We think it's because we haven't found our purpose yet. And when we do, we'll be happy then. But often it's because we hold old concepts about ourselves that aren't true and were never true, perhaps due to a way we once behaved, or something we said or did, that we haven't let ourselves off the hook for. 

This isn't who you are...

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Vania Tashjian FrankComment
Your True Strength

I’m in the very beginnings of launching my business. And I feel scared at times. I feel apprehensive about what I post, anxious and worry about whether I’m conveying the crux of what my heart wants to say. While I’m writing, I can feel when I’m aligned with Source and when I veer off…those are the sentences I delete. For me, these feelings arise at times that feel new to me.

I go back to a thought that brings me so much comfort and peace, and reminds me that I am not alone to figure this out. There is love and compassion waiting to cradle me, and strength waiting to guide my footsteps. But this strength is not my own...

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