The Truth Of Who You Are

Our Being Simply Wants Continued Healing

I write this in hopes that it inspires others to also let down their guard and open their hearts to feel the depth of love, strength and safety from within.  

You see, I’ve had quite a few walls up for much of my life, vacillating between openness and having my guard up. At some point, closing my heart felt safer than living with an open one. We all know this is more of a prison than true safety. I truly believed that I was being oppressed, this force coming from the outside rather than a consciousness from within that was simply wanting healing. I believed that things were happening “to me”, not realizing that my life experience was truly in my hands and my heart.

The degree to which this “victim” consciousness permeated my being, I was largely unaware of. Those subtle things one says and does became more and more magnified so that I could see the subconscious thoughts that drove me and finally begin to heal this mindset, remembering that the true me (and true you) shares the Mind and Thoughts of God.


Continuous Healing Unveils Our True Selves

Every single human being I know carries with them unconscious thoughts and energy that has not yet been brought to the surface. This is our shared humanity. The more these are brought to the light, the more we can ask God to support our healing and release of all that no longer serves or supports our well-being. 

These thoughts and energy, conscious or not, send out energetic signals or impulses that attract experiences that bring them forth into our consciousness. We are supposed to become increasingly aware of these thoughts in our lives so that they can heal. What we don’t know we can’t yet do anything about.

So how do we begin this healing process? We can ask for it. In each moment, we can notice whether we feel peace in our hearts or largely unhappy. We can take a step back and notice our thoughts, words, patterns and just observe them. If possible, try to see it as a movie playing out so judgment can be released from the equation. We can ask and invite God into our hearts, with conviction, in earnest to show us the way back to peace and love in our hearts…All I want is peace in my heart. And allow the path home to unfold. And if shit gets stirred up, as it often does, to try our best to trust that all is well. And that sometimes things feel messy before they reorganize.

Here’s the thing I’ve learned out of immense discomfort every single time…God knows my path and way to Him. The energy that is God, Universe, Spirit, Source (call it what makes sense for you) is the real you, your true higher Self. If you’re not feeling this feeling, it’s merely because this part of you is seemingly obscured. But it’s never lost. That’s not possible. And when we ask this energy to help us find our way back home, we will always be guided home time and time again. We need but ask, listen to our intuition and follow it. It is our internal guidance system that is the true core of our being. Whatever unsupportive concept our subconscious believes is true can be seen and healed, leaving our true Selves less and less obscured.

Allow Yourself The Space To Say, “I’m Scared”

The experience can be messy as shit because we’re humans and the terrified part of us will kick and scream and resist every step of the way. It’s often easier to ask for healing than to allow the messiness of it to unfold.

The last two weeks, I literally spent crying, sad, feeling depressed, terrified, really afraid to let my guard down with myself, and with God. I’ve been afraid to ask for my deepest desires out of fear of asking for too much, wanting to impress God, being afraid to be so vulnerable and possibly be disappointed in the end. I literally felt like I was losing my mind. And I was. I was losing the scared part of my mind to make room for more presence and peace in my heart.

This type of emotional rollercoaster may not be your way. It doesn’t matter what the path looks like. Each of us is quite individual in that regard. All that matters is listening to your intuition and following it, even if the road is toward a rock-bottom, an emptying out of the pain and fear.

In these moments, sometimes all I needed to say to remember all will be ok is, “I’m scared.” I’m scared to let love in in its full glory. I don’t know how to love myself more deeply. I don’t know how to love the parts of me that I judge and merely see them as scared. I was too scared to share how scared I was, even with myself. I’m scared that I won’t find my way with my life’s work. I’m scared that my son will never fully heal. I’m scared to say that I’m scared.

This vulnerability and tenderness alone is what your inner child may need to feel safe to go a little bit further on the path home. She can then melt in your arms, knowing it is ok to feel what she is feeling no matter what. And as she is held safely in this embrace, she feels the love, strength and safety of her being once again.

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You Have The Love & Strength Of God Within You

We’ve all heard the term, “You create your experience.” But when you don’t fully understand this expression and aren’t even aware of what’s happening in your subconscious, how do people begin change the course of their lives? Often, many of us scramble to change our circumstances, we change our outer world before we change our inner world. Once a circumstance or scenario is changed, we find ourselves in the same pattern and again upset at someone or something else that we perceive is yet again causing us pain and suffering.

When one is not feeling empowered but unaware of this, I wonder if the term, “you create your experience” is perceived with resistance, further oppression rather than a sense of empowerment? I know this was the case for me. I still carry a little resistance toward it, perhaps depending on the energy with which it is expressed, which sometimes can be shared and/or perceived as a judgment.

I want to pose the phrase “you create your experience” in the most loving way I know how today. And I hope in the future, I’ll have an even more loving way to describe my understanding and experience of this concept…

You have the Love and Strength of God within you. You are a child of God. You are God’s Son, God’s Daughter. You are created in His Likeness. You are empowerment, compassion, love, kindness, peace, happiness, joy. Underneath all the concepts we bought into about ourselves, lies these truths about the essence of your being. If you don’t yet feel this truth more regularly, surely you have felt this peace within you for even a moment in your life. Hopefully long enough to know it’s there and can be found at any moment you choose.

The bearers of God’s Gifts in this earthly plane, every single one of us in an energetic being who has come forth to represent love’s virtues, each uniquely created to more strongly represent some over others…honor, duty, compassion, presence, loyalty, freedom, independence, interdependence, individuality, caring for one another, kindness, intellect, activism, fun, playfulness, grounding, optimism, realism, courage, etc. This list goes on of course. And, these facets of love play out in a variety of ways and roles we are each guided to take on.

We are each here to shine in the ways we are each meant to shine. Together, all of these virtues come together in a symphony of love. Your hero’s journey is to find this love and strength within your Self. Find and feel the core of your being, more often than not so that you can live your life empowered to stand in your truth and allow your true essence to shine.

Mantra for the day:

I am a beloved Child of God. He knows and shows me the way to His Love and Strength within me.