Allowing In Your Peace

Every lesson in my life has really been the same. Am I willing to give every thought, choice, action, word over to God for guidance so that I may be guided to the peace within me? Every choice has been simple…Fear or love? Discomfort or peace? Rely on my own weakness or choose the strength of God within me?

In life, we continuously each decide on this long list of goals or things we want to fix, heal, repair, work on, worry about, achieve. For me it was years centered on our son’s healing. Now I’m centered on entering the world again and my career. There’s always something.

We continuously make judgments and create thoughts. We continuously create goals in life. And many of us rarely stop to check whether these are worthy goals or whether these ideas would keep us spinning and chasing peace. Peace never arises from fear and chasing. We all know this. The true peace within us, which is never lost, arises when we release all the fear.

What if we stopped to give every thought, judgment, choice, goal, word, action over to God, The Universe, Source, Life? Like running each of these through a filter of love.

Dear God, I’m thinking XYZ. Is that true…What would You have me think? Dear God, I want to apply for this job…Is that a worthy pursuit at this time? Dear God, I’m really annoyed at so and so for so and so…How would You have me view this person and what would You have me do? Dear God, I’m feeling really anxious…what or whose energy is underlying this?

I just spent the last several days doing this because peace was not what I’ve been feeling for weeks now. Every time I felt the slightest disturbance in peace, I checked in to see what was driving every thought, choice, action, word to God. And every single time, I asked a “Dear God…” question and closed my eyes, I instantly received an answer. For me, it came in the form of words, a feeling state, visions. All guiding me to a truth far beyond the story my mind was trying to create.

The hardest part about this was not the question itself. It was the willingness to allow in truth and peace. At times, I had to be willing to let go of a judgment to understand what someone else might be going through. At other times, I needed to speak up about something or set a boundary. Each time, the answer surprised me. And each time, I knew the thoughts or solutions I was given to replace my own would actually bring about peace in me and end the chasing.

What if we just don’t need to make everything we make ‘a thing’ a thing? Instead, what if we asked God what is worthy of our love, attention, energy, resources, thoughts and allowed space for internal guidance to surface and show us the true path to our peace within?

Photo by Ash Edmonds @badashedmonds