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Salpi, Healer & Author,  Stay True

Salpi, Healer & Author, Stay True

As soon as I started talking to Vania in my first session, I noticed what a kind and caring soul she is. She has a way of listening and asking questions that helped me go within and really get to the heart of whatever was coming up for me. As a true empath, Vania was able to connect with me on a deeper soul level. Her intuition is uncanny, and she was spot on with her suggestions for where I was on my path, as well as what my next steps could be.

I’ve had a few sessions with her, but even after the first session, I noticed how grounded I felt. After every session with Vania, I always leave feeling very energetic and ready to focus on what needs to be done to continue on my path. I look forward to every session with Vania. I highly recommend her!
— Salpi, Healer & Author, Stay True
True empath, with amazing advice and guidance to address any road block or hardship you may be experiencing. I have had the honor to work with Vania for some time now, and after every session, I walk away grounded, motivated and ready to push through! Vania has made a significant difference in my life and I truly am amazed at how she is able to do all of she does with such love, grace and care.
— Ani, Executive Director, Business Management
Vania wholeheartedly helps people who cross her way to trust their intuition. She has the wisdom to bring love to challenging situations, especially situations when someone forgets about self-love. I learned a lot in her presence. She taught me that every person is unique and so is his/her journey, which really helped me immensely. Her energy of acceptance is beautifully expressed in her eyes.
— Denise, Intuitive Coach
Denise, Intuitive Coach

Denise, Intuitive Coach

Working with Vania is like being wrapped up in a big warm bear hug. She so kindly guided me to work through old thought patterns that were holding me back. She helped me to acknowledge these thoughts and feelings and to work through them. She also taught me tools for when negative / limiting thoughts come up. I felt supported by her throughout the whole process.
— Megan
Russell, Nursing Student & Professional Jazz Musician

Russell, Nursing Student & Professional Jazz Musician

Vania is one of the most deeply empathetic people I’ve ever met. She was able to help me during a difficult time in my life. I felt very comfortable opening up to her because she provides a space of openness and non-judgment during her sessions. I felt like I was talking to someone who really cared about me; not someone who was just putting on some kind of spiritual front or therapeutic act. I believe she has a connection to the spiritual realm that the majority of humans have lost in our society. She showed me how to quiet my mind and use my intuition to find truth in difficult circumstances.

Vania has a presence about her that radiates love and understanding. It would not surprise me if she became one of the most sought after spiritual healers and gurus of our time. Thank you so much!
— Russell, Nursing Student & Professional Jazz Musician