my journey


Several years ago, the discomfort and anxiety I often experienced magnified immensely. Simultaneously, our son was diagnosed with special needs. My healing journey began with pain, grief and confusion.

I'd been on a spiritual path for nearly two decades, supporting every challenge in my life. But this time, this journey felt incredibly different. All the go-to supports I was using no longer felt sufficient. These new sets of lessons were not just about learning to manifest, they were also about learning to surrender and be a vessel for Life and Spirit to express through me.

What I was craving most was to move through life with a sense of peace, happiness, fulfillment and joy no matter what the circumstances. I wanted to align with the life meant for me and own my happiness.

So, two years ago I decided to stop playing whack-a-mole and face my real, underlying pain and suffering.

The single choice of declaring that "I'm in for real this time," activated this life-altering, life affirming and life aligning a life with greater love, joy, peace, presence, authenticity, alignment and grace.

I began researching how to help our son recover physically. I learned so much about nutrition and key principles to follow, along with the use of supplements, homeopathy, essential oils. I was introduced to a world of possibility. As a result, I experienced my own physical healing from hypothyroid.

I also began a daily spiritual practice as a student of A Course In Miracles to deepen my existing connection to Spirit. I learned an energy healing method called Innerwise, and continue to grow in my psychic abilities. With this, I began to experience my own spiritual healing and development.

The journey has been quite challenging at times, almost like a scavenger hunt in the dark. But the light continues to grow, showing me the depth of love within me. Within you. Within all of us. What I've come to trust is that happiness is within us, waiting to emerge. I’m about doing the healing work that unearths the joy that already exists within...and showing you the greatness you’re made of too.

Love and Blessings, Vania