You Are Here To Love Yourself

You are here to find your joy, to express it and to be joy. What gets in the way? We think it's because we haven't found our purpose yet. And when we do, we'll be happy then. But often it's because we hold old concepts about ourselves that aren't true and were never true, perhaps due to a way we once behaved, or something we said or did, that we haven't let ourselves off the hook for. 

This isn't who you are. This isn't who we are. This isn't who I am (I'm healing the illusions and strengthening this truth in myself as well as I write this.) It no longer needs to be this way. We no longer need to hold onto the guilt of the past. We can choose to hold faith that healing of our hearts and minds is not only possible, but probable, and that change is already happening. 

When you notice the ways in which you talk to yourself, especially if they are less than kind, give these to God to show you the truth in who you are. Allow this unfoldment to happen for you so you may experience and be the joy you are created to be.

"The concept of yourself which now you hold would guarantee your function here remain forever unaccomplished and undone. And thus it dooms you to a bitter sense of deep depression and futility. Yet it need not be fixed unless you choose to hold it past the hope of change and keep it static and concealed within your mind. Give it instead to Him Who understands the changes that it needs to let it serve the function given you to bring you peace that you may offer peace to have it yours. Alternatives are in your mind to use, and you can see yourself another way."

Anonymous; Schucman, Helen; Thetford, William. A Course In Miracles ((Original Edition)) (p. 610). BookMasters. Kindle Edition.

Vania Tashjian FrankComment