Your True Strength

I’m in the very beginnings of launching my business. And I feel scared at times. I feel apprehensive about what I post, anxious and worry about whether I’m conveying the crux of what my heart wants to say. While I’m writing, I can feel when I’m aligned with Source and when I veer off…those are the sentences I delete. For me, these feelings arise at times that feel new to me.

Is it really new that I’m afraid to put myself out there? Not at all. This is a fear I’ve carried my entire life, and each time I need to do this in a different way, shape or form, the fear bubbles up. While a different scenario, it’s just a deeper layer of the same fear.

I go back to a thought that brings me so much comfort and peace, and reminds me that I am not alone to figure this out. There is love and compassion waiting to cradle me, and strength waiting to guide my footsteps. But this strength is not my own.

Left to my own devices, without tuning into my intuition and heart (a space where love rather than fear abides), I got nothin’! I merely have more fear, anxiety, worry, apprehension. I can’t always see or sense how this experience is in my highest good. I can’t always see the way out of the problem right away. I don’t always see that I’m being given an opportunity to strengthen my faith and trust in an energy that can be counted on.

When we feel lost, unsure, disconnected, craving and searching to find a sense of peace that feels more lasting and sustained, we may not realize we’re putting our faith in our mind alone, perhaps in our past experience, and perhaps in what we think we think even though we’re standing in our fears rather than sacred ground.

When we’re feeling this way, there is a way out that feels like truth, safety, love, protection, nurturing. There is a way that wants us to feel free of the worry and trust that we are guided. There is a way that wants us to put our faith in God’s Strength, not our own. There is a way that wants us to tune into our intuition so we can hear this voice speak to us directly.

Who can put his faith in weakness and feel safe? Yet who can put his faith in strength and feel weak? [God, Source, Spirit, The Universe, etc.] is the Strength in which I trust.

1) We start by accepting that our own mind alone, especially while caught up in fear (welcome to humanity btw!), will give us the confidence to move forward with assurance. This is not so we have one more reason to feel bad about ourselves! This is so we can remember in these moments that there is another way, and we can turn this Source for our way out at any time

2) When we do turn to Source and begin to experience the shifts that are possible in this space, we gain awareness that we can have unwavering confidence in our real strength. With the Strength of God, you are fully justified to feel a full sense of confidence in all circumstances that you will be given the way out

When you have a few moments to yourself, take a few deep breaths and repeat the following until you feel a sense of peace wash over you.

[God, Source, Spirit, The Universe, etc.] is the Strength in which I trust.

Allow yourself to be carried to this space where you can let all worries go and trust you are taken care of. This is a space in you where nothing is impossible and where the Strength of God abides in you. This is the space of deep peace, however briefly you experience this at first.

Repeat this idea as often as you can today. Use it whenever you feel even slightly triggered. And remember this peace is your birthright when you give your trust to the Strength of God. This is the depth of strength and power that exists within you whenever you choose to reach for it.