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Spiritual coaching & healing

Through spiritual coaching and healing, I support the process of unearthing your inner wisdom, strengthening your direct connection to Source, trusting your intuition, following guidance and evoking joy. As a student of A Course In Miracles, I've learned that the root of suffering is the illusions created by the mind. However, healing these illusions unearths the love and peace already in our hearts.

During these 90 minute healing sessions, we talk about the emotional, mental, spiritual and physical layers that you feel most needs attention. We receive intuitive messages, memories, thoughts to guide the process and begin to heal the root cause of the issue. More specifically, these sessions include coaching to support you with various aspects of the following:

  • Step into a life driven by your soul...awakening to your internal guide, intuition or higher self

  • Create a ‘daily’, regular practice of stillness, prayer and tuning in to cultivate your direct connection to Source and more clearly hear your still, small voice
  • Discern the still, small voice of love from the ego or smaller self's voice of fear
  • Integrate your smaller self, conscious self and higher Self to live with more self-compassion, gentleness and peace
  • Release old memories, patterns, limiting beliefs, the blocks to love's presence already within you
  • Learn to "find a better feeling thought" and continually let go of thoughts and energetic vibrations that no longer serve you
  • Support your physical body in the awakening process through improved nutrition, supplements, movement
  • Align with your soul and begin to express who you are and feel like your true and authentic Self
  • Live a life that's way more fun, joyful, happy, peaceful and fulfilling
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How i do what i do

I've always been quite empathic and sensitive to energy, so I tend to pick up on the little things that people say with words, with their tone of voice or with the words they leave out. And this nuance that often goes unnoticed can often be the key, or golden egg, to unlocking or releasing an energetic block. 

This sensitivity also allows me to respond to people going through difficult experiences. I'm no stranger to this myself. It’s not that I always know the right thing to say or do; it’s that I'm committed to sitting with someone during times of struggle with a sense of compassion and honesty. This willingness allows me to be a vessel of sorts so Spirit can work through me guiding us to a story, idea, concept or thought that allows for relief when someone is having a shadow moment.

I genuinely believe that Spirit is for us, wants us to experience our innate joy and wants to express love through us. So while we're human, and the things we experience, as well as our thoughts about them may cause suffering, we're capable of cultivating a much more loving lens with which to see ourselves. And this changes how we feel, raising our vibration, which then changes our experience. There isn't a magic wand to make this happen, rather, a daily or regular practice of cultivating stillness, asking for help and listening to guidance.

It’s kinda like driving on a road and learning to stay in alignment so we can stay on our soul’s path. This isn't the same as learning to adhere to the rules so we can stay in the conditioned lane. It's about knowing when you’re veering off your unique path just by how you feel inside. And you come to trust that you never need to control the steering wheel because you're being guided on a journey toward increased love and peace.

Just remember, you're deeply loved, supported and guided to create a life of love and happiness beyond your wildest dreams. All you need to do is say, "I'm in!" Oh, and book a session with me to fast forward there a bit.