gut health

Many holistic practitioners today suggest a root cause of physical disease is an imbalance of gut bacteria. When there's an appropriate balance of “good” to “bad” bacteria, our gut is healthy and there's less inflammation in the body, better immunity, better mental health, better overall heath. If you google “gut and  [insert... diabetes, hormonal imbalances, thyroid, weight loss, fatigue, sleep, adhd, autism, sensory processing disorder, autoimmune diseases, MS, Alzheimer’s, etc.] connection", you’ll see countless articles and studies on these topics by reputable sources.

The good news is there's so much you can do bring the gut back into balance with improved nutrition...

  1. Detox from an overload of viruses, heavy metals, pathogens, etc. that our "bad" bacteria is feeding off of

  2. Repair the systems within the body and bring it back into health and balance by replenishing the "good" bacteria


Methylation is a biochemical reaction in our body that is involved in many important bodily processes - i.e., energy production, DNA synthesis, processing and elimination of toxins and chemicals, neurotransmitter function, building immune cells, etc. "Methylation can turn genes on and off in our body which can be delightful or lead to problems."

Did you know that many people have methylation challenges, which can make detox challenging? Many people have methylation challenges without realizing it, which can often prolong healing. We found that both my husband and I have these issues, in addition to our son with special needs. Knowing your body’s specific methylation challenges and needs can help point to a more tailored diet per person, thus improved health, reduced inflammation, and an improvement of overall symptoms.

principles for a whole foods, nutrient dense diet

When we began making these food changes, everyone’s health in our home improved - mind, body and spirit. I won’t be preaching to anyone that you have to follow this list perfectly. But, these are principles we mostly live by that keep us in good health…

  1. Go organic, which basically means pesticide free, herbicide free, glyphosate free, toxin free. This keeps the body from having to work even harder to detox and allows you to eat foods higher in nutrients. When a body is continuously struggling to detox (search ‘methylation mutations’ like MTHFR), repair and balance becomes more challenging

  2. Eat nutrient rich whole foods - lots of fruits, vegetables to replenish the good gut bacteria

  3. Eliminate / reduce food allergies and sensitivities – i.e., gluten, dairy, soy, corn, eggs, grains, etc., as these can feed pathogenic gut bacteria

  4. Eat non-GMO foods to avoid adding stress to our bodies

  5. Pasture-raised animal protein for meat eaters - grass fed and grass finished, wild caught seafood, which is a natural diets for animals instead of soy, corn, etc. - allows your food to be stress and hormone free

  6. Eliminate / reduce MSG (please see full list of MSG aliases at, as these are considered to harm our cells

  7. Healthy fats - extra virgin organic coconut oil, olive oil, avocado oil, etc. - used at the right cook point temperatures feed your body and brain

  8. Incorporate supportive supplements – high quality magnesium, probiotics, herbs, etc. to support the body’s healing ability and function

Ultimately, play with nutrition, food and supplements. Immerse yourself in learning and practicing so you can uncover what foods work best for you at every point in time. You’ll find that these are merely guideposts and not rules that take you on a journey to learn to eat foods from within, guided by your intuition to support your healing and becoming.

To your health!