In my experience, as I peeled the layers no longer serving my soul, it was a very emotional process, and still can be at times. My spiritual, emotional, mental and physical aspects each need support for more ease, comfort and healing as I navigate back home to my true Self. Essential oils have played an integral part of this healing process for me. 

The molecular compounds in these plant based oils offer healing on a cellular level within the body. I feel an instant shift in energy toward more balance, peace and harmony when using essential oils because this nature's medicine is responsible for the very life force of the plant. So imagine what they do for our life force and functions within the body - improved sleep, energy, mood, health and general well-being. Over time, I have felt more true and lasting shifts within all aspects of my being.

If you haven't yet integrated essential oils into your life, consider adding these gifts from nature into your journey.

Contact me to order a starter kit or custom blends tailored to your needs.



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Custom Blends Tailored To Your Needs

Or, contact me to order custom blends tailored to you and/or your family's needs - improved sleep, energy, mood, focus and concentration, cold and flu, allergies, scratches and boo boos, general well-being, etc.